ASQ is a global community of people passionate about quality, who use the tools, their ideas and expertise to make our world work better. ASQ: The Global Voice of Equality

Welcome to ASQ 1309

ASQ is a global community of people dedicated to quality, who share the ideas and tools that make our world work better. Working in and around Broomfield, Colorado, we bring together diverse quality champions who are transforming corporations, organizations and communities to meet tomorrow’s critical challenges. ASQ Section 1309 is dedicated to providing the quality community with training, professional certifications and knowledge. 

Why get involved with ASQ 1309?

As a not-for-profit organization, we believe in the development of our members above all else. Our programs are all developed based on member feedback with the sole purpose of offering a toolbox of learning to enhance the existing skill sets and provide practical takeaways that can be applied in daily work.

We also offer opportunities for professional training to prepare professionals for first time success in the ASQ Certification exams offering a guarantee of success with each training course. Membership in ASQ opens the door to a national network of quality professionals, conference opportunities and an extensive library of reference material, including the monthly publication of Quality Progress.

Our mission is to increase the use and impact of quality in response to the diverse needs of our members.